Monday, 20 October 2014

Review: Beauty Treats Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean

Hi Beauties,

Hope you've had a fab week so far?  Well I suppose it is only Monday but I hope it's not been a blue one!

Lip care is something I feel most of us neglect, we have a set hair- and skin care routine, but we tend to forget that the skin on our lips need attention too, and crusty lips is not pretty!  Bright lip colors is an absolute must in summer, so it's important that your lips look nourished to carry off those trends perfectly.

Lip Scrub available at Dischem - R24.95

I've used DIY at home scrubs with honey and brown sugar, and although that has worked fine, I never got it to the perfect consistency, so either would have honey dribbling all over my chin or it's way too grainy.  

Imagine my delight when I found this little beauty treat (it is indeed) that you can buy with your change! It's so inexpensive and it's an absolute must in my bathroom cabinet (not to mention it lasts ages).  The consistency of this is perfect.  It's just grainy enough to scrub off any dead skin cells from your lips, leaving you with baby soft and smooth lips that feels nourished because of the Vitamin E, ready to be adorned with your favorite summer lipstick or gloss, not to mention it smells divine, I'm kind of obsessed with Vanilla and this doesn't have a fake smell (if that makes any sense).

Honestly, my lips feel amazing after using this, I just pop my finger in, twirl it around to get a bit of product on, scrub on dry lips and wash off with lukewarm water (don't attempt this after you've done your make up it's tricky to try and not mess up your hard work)- then apply a moisturizer of your choice, and voila!

You have kissable lips so pucker up all you want!

They claim they're cruelty free but please see my policy on this subject.

I hope you've enjoyed this review.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hair Make Over: A Line Bob and Donating to CANSA

Hi Dolls,

I hope you're having an amazing weekend!

Women with short hair are really sexy.
There's something liberating about freeing yourself from the norms.
** Unknown**
As you should know by now, October is breast cancer awareness month (so get yourself checked ladies). And it's also the month I decided to get rid of my long mermaid hair (eekkk) in favor of a sassy and chic a line bob.  

I've never been too attached to my hair, from having very long hair, the "The Rachel" and an a line bob in the past (I like both short and long hair).  It's absolutely a very liberating experience getting your hair cut. I can no longer hide behind a mane of hair if I'm having a bad skin day, or feeling a bit off - but more importantly, I feel like you can actually see my face and features so much better, and I hope that women realizes that you're not any less feminine or beautiful because you have short hair.  

When I decided to chop it all off, I knew that I was going to donate my ponytail to CANSA, it just so happened that I got my new do on the 1st of October (perhaps a sign from above that it's meant to be?) lol. You can read all about donations and information about CANSA here, your ponytail needs to be a minimum of 25cm, they accept processed hair (dyed etc.), you need to tie the ponytail at both ends and place it in a zip lock bag, whereupon you can either deliver the ponytail to one of the CANSA branches or you can post it (which I won't suggest at this time because of the post office problems going on).

My family has been very Blessed, and I can only thank God for it, but we've never had family or friends suffer from cancer, many years ago my husband went in for a small operation, and the people sharing the hospital room were the loveliest couple.  They had been married for over 20 years and the husband had suffered with cancer through all of those years, they have spent more than 20 years in and out of hospital. Yet, they were so upbeat and friendly, you would never have known their suffering.  Another brave little girl Talia Joy used to have a popular you tube account, and Giuliana Rancic have shared her journey on camera too, both of these ladies have touched my heart in a huge way. Unless one has gone through something like this, you cannot imagine what it must be like.  In the week prior to cutting off my hair, I was extremely nervous - oh my gosh, my stomach were in knots and although it was something I wanted to do, it's still a huge decision and change you know.  I have to say what kept me going was knowing that I could make a small contribution to someone that have already suffered a lot, here I was, healthy and happy, if I could give away a ponytail that would put back the sparkle in someone's eye, why wouldn't I?  So yeah, you can see me clenching my hands in the one picture haha, but luckily my hairdresser snipped it away in a jiffy so it was over so quickly.

I am absolutely in love with my hair!  I cannot stress it enough, but if you're wondering.  No, I don't regret cutting it off at all.  And yes, I totally rock my new style!  

I'm constantly playing with it, which I'm sure must be rather annoying to some people *sorry*.  I also colored it a beautiful plum shade, the last 3 photos have no filter on them so you can see the true color of my hair.  I apologize for the blowout, you can see my hair isn't perfectly straight but bear with me, I am still practicing styling my short hair, and I don't know why but my hair suddenly has a natural wave to it.  I also don't tease it as much as I used to, with short hair it's got natural volume although I do still tease it a tiny amount some days, but I don't go cray cray anymore haha.  Another thing I'm loving is that I no longer get so many headaches, one doesn't realize the weight you carry around with long hair, and whereas I once dreaded hair washing days, I'm actually looking forward to it now, and don't let anyone tell you short hair isn't versatile, I've worn my hair straight, curly, braided and pinned back plus I've had it in a ponytail - yes, it may have been a baby ponytail but it's still a pony okay ;)

One of the things I've heard so many times is women saying I don't like short hair, it doesn't suit me etc. but honestly, how will you know if you've never had it cut before?  It may just pleasantly surprise you and hair grows back...

I also just wanted to end this post to send my biggest hug, prayers and thoughts to those battling this disease, you are a warrior!

Look out for my hair care post coming soon.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review and First Impression: FakeBake

Hi Beauties,

I hope you've had an amazing week so far?

Here in South Africa we've been having the best weather, although I have to say that it went from winter straight into summer and I'm still wondering what happened to spring?  Anyway, warm weather especially the type we get here where a normal day is anywhere between 28°C - 34°C, calls for short everything. And with my pasty legs it's an absolute must to whip out the fake tan.

FakeBake Tanning Body Butter (113g) - R299.00

* Available online or at selected salons and spa's

Last year I had my very first self tanning experience with Xen-Tan, you can read all about it here plus I gave thorough instructions on what to do prior and during your self tanning which I'm not going to repeat as the process stays exactly the same.  Since then I've dabbled in different brands and to be honest, self tanning is something I just can't do without during summer, call me a little superficial but I look healthier and skinnier with a fake tan, it certainly gives a je ne sais quoi to my overall look.  If you're a novice or a bit scared of self tanning, which I absolutely was, I would highly recommend you give this specific FakeBake product a try, and here's why:

The self tan liquid comes with a mitt and gloves, and you must use these two together as the mitt may have product seeping through and tan stained hands is not a cute look!  Spray the liquid onto the brown side of the mitt, I'd say about 3 - 4 sprays is enough to do a section from your wrist to elbow, so you can calculate the amount of spritzes you need for the rest of your body.  It gives instant color, which I highly recommend because it's so easy to see where you may have missed a spot.

This tanning liquid is absolutely fabulous!  It literally melts into your skin once you apply it, but it is still spreadable (if that makes any sense) - whereas normal tanning products leave a layer on your skin - this definitely blends into your skin, which is also why it dries almost instantly (leaving you with enough time to spread the product though).  You'll have an immediate color payoff which intensifies over the next few hours, I always recommend that you do tanning at night, sleep with a loose garment and then wake up a bronzed goddess.

I noticed that I didn't apply enough tanning liquid on my knees and woke up with 2 gradient white areas on my knees, no problem or worries with this product, I merely applied more after my bath, and because it dries almost instantly it was easy to cover up my mistake.  I'd say this is great if you have an event or something, and you forgot to pre-plan your tanning, you could easily apply this in the morning and have a golden glow for that special occasion, because it does give an instant color.  Let me just tell you okay, I applied the tanning solution around 16:00, and when my husband got home by 18:00 he looked at me and asked "did you go on vacation today or something because you're so brown"? Haha!  I applied the tanning butter during that week and it works really well to maintain your tan, my advice - use the mitt to apply the butter as it will stain your hands immediately.

The best things about FakeBake:

*  It's not streaky or blotchy at all!  I noticed I had a streak on my left leg after applying more product the next day to intensify the color, I tried to cover it but it didn't seem to do anything so I got a bit worried, when I washed it off that night the streak was completely gone and I was left with an even tan, and that is why this is perfect whether you're a novice or expert.

*  It fades evenly with no blotches whatsoever, normally once your tan starts to fade you have to do a body scrub but it's not necessary with this.

*  This is the most accurate color to sun tanning, it looks exactly the same color as when you've spent time in the sun.  Trust me, people won't know the difference ;)

The only minor downside to this product is that it does leave a slight fake tan smell, it's not too strong or heavy like other fake tans, but for example it's also not Xen-Tan which actually has a really nice smell.  So this unfortunately does have a slight fake tan smell but it's not overpowering though, you'll only catch a whiff of it when you put your nose on your skin *which is a little bit freaky* hehe.

Overall, although this is a bit more expensive than a drugstore tanning product, it's absolutely worth it.  I'm in love with this brand and I suppose my before and after pictures speak for themselves (no filter on them).

Hope you have a fab day!


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review: Beaucience Botanicals Skincare Range

Hi Dolls,

Happy Sunday!  I hope you're having a good one.

I thought it's a good idea to start with a skincare post, it's probably the most important thing when it comes to looking and feeling great. No matter how much make up you pile on, if your skin is not behaving well it's going to show, and I don't know about you but that is bound to make me feel like negative Nancy.

What Beaucience says:

"Focuses on minimizing and delaying the effects of ageing.  The range has been designed for eco-conscious women using highly effective naturally derived peptide technology, combined with the best nature has to offer in the form of organic extracts, essential oils and vegetable oils.  Our user-friendly skin care range offers nature's fuss-free solution to healthy, radiant and beautiful skin."
Cleansing Gel - R59.99
Toning Lotion - R60.99
Day and Night Cream (Normal/Combo) - R88.99
Eye Rescue Gel - R94.99
BB Cream in Walnut - R109.99

Available at Wellness Warehouse and selected pharmacies.
The BB cream is available at selected pharmacies, health stores, salons, spas, Wellness Warehouse 
or Zando.

Normally I enjoy sweet smelling scents, and I know that a lot of people doesn't like an over powering fragrance in products, if you're one of them you'll thoroughly enjoy these.  They don't smell sweet at all but gives a subtle, natural and fresh scent.

The most important thing is that I've had zero breakout with these products!  The cleansing gel does a good job of cleaning, it doesn't take off all makeup especially waterproof ones, so I still use a make up removing wipe prior to the cleansing gel, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after cleansing.

I'm not sure why they called it a toning lotion when it's more watery than a lotion, but anyway.  This does an awesome job at removing any excess dirt or makeup that may be left, I use this on my eyes too and it doesn't sting one bit.  I like using this in the morning, so I'll do a thorough cleanse at night, then in the morning I just clean with cotton wool and toning lotion.

I love multi-functional products, who doesn't like saving on products right?  The day and night cream is really amazing, it's light enough to absorb within a few minutes, but powerful enough to give you moisture and added skin nourishment.  It feels very luxurious and is non-greasy, it contains fresh ingredients such as organic green tea, ylang ylang and eco certified proteasyl.  In terms of anti-ageing I cannot give you feedback on that, as the appearance of lines normally reduces over a long period of time, however, using this definitely seems to plump up my skin giving the appearance of short term reduced lines.  It's important to note when you have mature skin, to keep it moisturized as dry skin makes wrinkles appear more prominent.  I suppose that's one benefit of having oily skin, it's kind of a natural anti-ageing property.

Beaucience claim that the eye rescue gel reduces muscle contractions thus helping tissue to recover to its initial state prior to muscle contraction therefore reducing the production of mechanical fold wrinkles. That's quite a mouthful but it sounds good.  I normally prefer eye creams but was pleasantly surprised with this gel.  Immediately after applying this the gel gets a bit sticky, but after about 5 minutes it has absorbed completely and gives a really good base for your make up.  I'm excited to see how this is going to help with under eye wrinkles long term.

The BB cream (Blemish Balm) is a few shades too dark for me, but I did try this on a day when I wasn't going out the house in fear that someone might mistake me for Snooki lol.  It has some amazing ingredients like olivem, hydraseptyl and all sorts of complicated names, but the just of it is that it's a really nice BB cream to have if you're into BB creams instead of foundations. I'd say it's very similar to the Garnier BB cream for oily skin, it smells absolutely incredible, and the coverage is better.  The texture is a bit weird though, it's somewhere between a gel and a lotion, and it dries semi-matte.  If you're in the market for a BB cream give this one a whirl.

I highly recommend these products if you're looking for an anti-ageing skincare range that is affordable but highly effective.

*  Pr Sample 


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