Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Face of the Day: Easy and Quick Glam Eyes

Hi Pretties,

I hope you're well?

This is such an impromptu face of the day, but I hope you like.

Accessorize Eyeshadow in 13-Thalia available from Clicks

You know you get two types of people in shops:  those that are on a mission and scurry past the sales section, and those like me that can spend hours browsing every single aisle including the "dreaded" marked off section.  Granted, sometimes the worst products are left here, but once in a while you'll find a gem.  

I used both of these eye shadows and I love the look!  If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get glammed up, this little beaut will give you just that.  Both of these shadows are shimmery, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't suggest you pick it up.  You can even use a matte creamy shade on your brown bone to tone it down, but frankly, I love the glowy look of this.  My skin has a matte finish so it goes perfectly together.  It took me about 3 minutes to apply the browbone and eyelid colour (which I blended out to just slightly above the crease), there's no crease shade nothing - super quick!

Some people may prefer this for a night time look or special occasion, it's such an easy way to get a smokey look if you're a novice with makeup applications or you just don't have the time to spend hours applying and blending out shades.  Btw, these shadows are very pigmented, with little to no fallout and although they appear quite sparkly in the pan, it just gives a very glowy look - and they blend out easily so if you're a 5 minute no fuss girl - this is for you.

I hope you like this look, I think Clicks is discontinuing this line, which is quite a shame as I have 2 of their blushes which are really pretty.

Love & Blessings xox

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Favourite YouTubers & Why I Love Them

Hi Dolls,

Happy Sunday!  Anyone else ready for the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians starting tonight?! Yeah I know, you're probably rolling your eyes at me, but hey, I'm keeping it real and admitting I love (trashy) reality TV.

I started watching beauty and fashion video's in 2010, and I love it!  My makeup skills have improved so much, it's like having your own private lessons at home {but watch with caution, some people take makeup a bit too far, heavy contouring and heavy falsies for during the day looks ridiculous).  I follow a lot of the bigger youtubers, but to be honest, they're not my favourite.  There are so many low-key youtubers that are absolutely amazing and fabulous for different reasons.  One of the odd things for me is, some youtubers I've followed for years, I just cannot watch today, because instead of growing up with me they seem to become more immature and regress as the years go by.  It's an odd phenomenon.

Anyway, here are my absolute favourite YouTube girls (in no particular order) - I hope that you find some new fabulous girls to watch and support:

Sami Erzen

She is one of the few people that I trust 100%!  She is not fame or money hungry, she doesn't care about sub counts or anything like that, and she is totally upfront about receiving compensation for certain things.  If you're 25+ you should enjoy watching her, she's mature, married, a busy body and fun loving!  She also has a vlog channel and I love watching both her beauty and vlog channel, as she's definitely someone I can relate with.  She is a part time MUA and she studies in some science field (sorry I can't remember the exact one) but she knows what she's talking about in terms of skincare and makeup, she does amazing and descriptive reviews.  She's also into living a healthy lifestyle which inspires me a lot!  She's just really lovely and pretty.

Jennifer Brooks

My favourite beautiful couple {inside out} on YouTube!  Jen does beauty video's and she and her hubby started a vlog channel last year, they're just such a sweet and inspirational couple.  They're both children of God, and they recently found out they're pregnant!  Yayy!  The world is filled with people of different believes, and to find people that believe in the same thing as you, is just incredible.  They're such a down to earth couple, they're so nice to their subbies, they're genuine and honest - and again, I can totally relate to them! PLUS:  They adore animals as much as me and my hubby do!  They have 2 furrbabies and a cat, who regularly feature in their video's and trust me, if you're having an awful day, just watch one of their vlogs, you'll feel tons better!

Carly Cristman

Okay, there's literally only one word to describe her, and that is FUNNY!  She's a little bit of sassy, with a dash of sarcasm and a whole lot of sparkle!  Yes.  Girl loves her bling, and so do I!  She's a stylist and creative genius, plus her mom is like a twin sister, they have the exact same humour so you have to watch her vlogs and beauty channel, both are really good!  I love her tweets, honestly, I feel like such a bore compared to her, some people just have a way with words and she certainly does.  She's also Christian, and have done some really great inspiration video's if you need encouragement.  Just go check her out!

Stephanie Lange

This Australian beauty is a professional MUA!  Not only do I love her personality, she's quirky and down to earth, but she has the same skin type as I do.  What I adore about her, is that she's not afraid to show her skin as it is, which frankly, gives people like me confidence to know that not everyone has great skin!  And I thank her for that.  She has hooded eyes so if that's a problem for you, follow her because a lot of her tutorials are specifically for hooded eyes (I don't, my eye shape is normal so these applications still work for normal eye shapes).

Holly Sheeran

Firstly, her accent is freakin amazing!  I can just listen to her talk all day long cause she has such a lovely accent lol.  But apart from that, she is one of the few UK YouTubers that I love.  She's really beautiful, and again seems like such a lovely person.  Her outfits are so pretty and she wears things that I like and wear too.  She buys a mixture of drugstore and high end brands, which I think is the perfect combination, plus her hair is totes fabulous.  She totally deserves more subbies!  

I hope you enjoyed my favourites and let me know which ones you like!

Have a FAB & blessed day dolls xo


Saturday, 21 March 2015

I Heart Fall / Winter {South Africa}

Hi Dolls,

I hope you've had a nice weekend so far?

Technically I don't think South Africa has an official date when it's fall / autumn, the weather services just say from March, which to be honest is still too hot to even think about colder months (on average 31 Degrees Celsius up to 34) yip it's hot!  I have to say from around January I'm almost begging for chilly days, South African heat especially in Jozi which is very dry and humid, may be a good practice session for heat flushes one day lol ;)

Although we still have hot weather, my skin starts to get very dry and I experience more hay fever symptoms than normal, so I already know that the season is subtly changing.  I wanted to do a fun post to let you know about the things I enjoy about fall (autumn) and winter, to be honest, I don't have a favourite season, I love all 4 seasons for different reasons *mmm seems like someone might be a poet in training here* haha.

The thing I look forward to the most, is fall/winter fashion!  I absolutely love LOVE boots, especially Over the Knee Boots and Ankle Booties, they've been staples for the past few years and it seems like they're not bound to go out of style anytime soon.  They're such versatile items to have and definitely a must have. Other items I need to have, is cute and cosy jumpers, loads of leggings especially in deep and rich colours, fluffy PJ's and I'm looking forward to the blanket scarf trend as scarves are a must have, especially for in South Africa as we don't always have such cold weather, and a scarf just adds a bit more warmth when you're wearing a lighter jacket or jumper.  Some of my favourite shops to stock up on these items is Cotton On, Pick n Pay Clothing (they have amazing stuff if you haven't been there in years!), YDE, Fashion Express, Legit, Zara, Ackermans and a few boutiques in my area.

Cold nights on the sofa with a fluffy blanket, cuddling with my husband and our three yorkies {especially Paco, he is such a cuddle bunny and you repay him in tummy scratches}, watching Modern Family, The Walking Dead or an awesome movie (preferrably a horror movie or a comedy -- please, I don't want anything in between) lol.

Hot chocolate, I like instant ones, but I also love making my own Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate *Recipe*.

Crisp cold mornings.  It's so nice to wake up bright and early, and you can almost taste the cold, but it's so fresh and crispy, nothing beats wearing a #ImToOldforItOnesy with a cuppa coffee.  Bliss.

The food!  It's no wonder we gain weight during winter, I'm sorry, but salads doesn't cut it in winter, yummy soups will do the trick though and pancakes.  For all my fellow South Africans you know these traditional dishes which is vetkoek and melkkos YUM!

Candles.  Okay I burn them all year round but in winter it just gives a different feel, perhaps it's because we don't have a fireplace so it just adds that touch of something, plus, I only burn candles that remind me of winter, something with cinnamon, apples or baked goodies will do.  I recently blogged about Mainstays candles and although I got a Village Candle about 2 months ago, Mainstays candles are by far the best (not just value for money but quality too)!

Coffee, I'm a big drinker of this caffeine induced drink which I enjoy all year round, but there's a different enjoyment having a cuppa on a cold morning when your hands are freezing and it feels so nice and warm.

I love how nature changes during the season change.  It's so beautiful and just a reminder of who created this gorgeous place because only God could think of something so spectacular!  Take time this year to photograph and notice the small changes, I feel like we sometimes just take it for granted, the colours go from bright to red/orange/yellow then eventually brown and afterwards they fall off.

Lazy Saturday morning lay-ins!  I'm talking about those proper days when you don't even bother with makeup, but hopefully you managed to at least take a bath and brush your teeth ;) but yeah, you get the idea. Perfect days.

There's this beautiful place called Dullstroom, it's only a short drive from Jozi but it's the perfect place to enjoy country life.  Men (or women) can enjoy fly fishing, we've rented the same farm house for years, there's a big fireplace, the whole house is so cosy, we normally go as a big family slap bang in the middle of winter as it's the best time to do fishing.  It's just an open field with hills and dams as far as your eye can see, it's so quiet and relaxing, and as a family we have the most precious memories of this area!

Warm baths at night then getting into a fluffy robe.

I hope you enjoyed my list of things that I like about the colder months, what are things that you enjoy doing or eating?

I'll be doing a fall/winter beauty survival post very soon and am excited to share those beauty favourites with you!

Love & Blessings xo

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New In: Revlon Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment {Review}

Hi Pretties,

I hope you're having a fab week so far?  We survived Monday ;P -- so it's only upwards from here!

Revlon Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment in Light available at Clicks   |   Burst Studio Brushes Eyeshadow Brush R253.00

One of the things I've struggled with, especially in my 30's when it became more noticeable, is dark circles, and around 2 years ago I noticed more prominent under eye wrinkles.  I've always had a really good skincare regime, especially focusing on anti-ageing, but unless you go for botox, unfortunately you'll have some wrinkles and that's okay.

The biggest trick I can give you to avoid too much under eye creasing (it won't eliminate it completely), is to either colour correct and / or avoid powdering.  I know there's a huge debate as some people feel they must powder to avoid creasing, but frankly it makes my under eye area look very dry, cakey and it still creases.  Whereas if I don't powder, I can easily pat the under eye concealer during the day and trust me, it looks way more natural.

Now onto this particular concealer, I love the Revlon brand for face products, their foundations are really great, so when I saw this in Clicks I thought why not give it a try (variety is the spice of life or so I hear) lol.  I picked it up in Light, and wanted to use it as a highlighter too, and it worked great for that purpose.  

Although it does have a sponge applicator, I preferred using the eye shadow brush from Burst Studios, I've done a full review on them, and collectively with MAC and Sigma they're my favourite brushes.  I love using this specific one, the bristles are incredibly soft and gentle, which is a must when you work on the delicate eye area, I find the sponge applicator tugs on my skin, whereas this one doesn't.

In terms of how the concealer works?  I'm not sure why it's called a treatment.

Does it cover my dark circles?  Only slightly, I find that I have to use a lot of product to get enough coverage, and the problem with using so much product is that it creases so much!  If you have one wrinkle, this makes it look as if you have 3.  I've tried setting it with powder, but as explained above it makes it look 10 x times worse.

I do however love using this as a highlighter (avoiding the under eye area), so I'll apply it at the top of my cheek, and it does an amazing job enhancing a contoured look.

Basically I don't like this product as a concealer, but I do recommend this if you have either young skin with no wrinkles, or you're just looking for a highlighter.

Love love <3

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